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Please complete the fields below to obtain a quote for your customised masterpiece. You’ll receive a confirmed sketch of your design showing the acrylic backing outline, and accurate dimensions, within two working days of making your online payment.

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Acrylic backing

Your light will be mounted to a clear acrylic backing sheet that is cut to the approximate shape of your design. For lights that include more than one word, each word is supplied separately and connected to the next using clear connecting cables. An example can be seen below:





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    Generally speaking, neon lights tend to be larger than most people first anticipate. Typically, a 7-letter name or word in a standard font style will measure c. 65-75cm wide and c. 25-35cm high. More expressive font styles can be significantly larger. Don’t worry though – a sketch including accurate dimensions will be emailed to you within two working days for your final approval.


    Delivery lead times are generally 4-6 weeks from payment, so please take this into consideration when placing your order.


    Why can’t I apply the layout I want?

    As these mock-ups are computer generated you may not be able to achieve your desired layout. If this is the case, please inform a member of the team and they’ll be able to resolve this for you.

    Why can’t I choose a size?

    Due to the customisable nature of the lights, we don’t provide a specific set of sizes. Once your design is sent through, we will size it up at the smallest size possible. Generally speaking, LED neon lights are larger than some may anticipate. If the size isn’t large enough, just let us know and we can up-size for you. Please note, an increase in size will increase the price.

    How can I apply my discount code?

    Please proceed to the checkout section, there you’ll have the opportunity to apply your discount code.

    Why does the font overlap? / Why does the font change with special characters?

    This is due to the fact that the online customiser is a computer-generated programme, if you run into any interface issues, simply pop an email over to us and we’ll be able to help.

    What changes will incur additional charges?

    The factors most likely to increase the price are changes in font and size, although this is on a case-by-case basis. We will always inform you if and why a change in price occurs.

    What if the sizing comes back too big?

    Not to worry! Just let us know and we’ll help run through the options of downsizing. Most often, a change in layout will be required to downsize the piece. Otherwise, considering another font would be the next best option.

    What if I change my mind and don’t want to order the light?

    While we hope you stay on with us (we know you won’t regret it!) we can appreciate that sometimes things change. So, if for any reason you decide not to go ahead with the light, providing it’s not already in production, we will provide a full refund.


    Once a sketch has been approved, your order goes into production and no further changes may be made. For full terms and conditions, please visit:

    If you choose to make design changes after your sketch has been emailed to you, please note the price of your light will increase and an additional payment will be required to place a revised order.


    You are free to cancel your order if the sketch you receive within two working days of making your payment isn’t satisfactory. We will issue a full refund, usually credited back to your account within 10 working days.